How It Works

How It Works

How a fun casino works:

When you hire a fun casino, you credit your guests with a hypothetical sum of fun money which they exchange for chips. The fun money can be printed with your name and logo upon it. At the end of the evening, the players cash in their chips to discover who has been most successful.

Then prizes can be awarded to as many other players as you like. This means you can budget precisely for the cost of the prizes whilst retaining the exciting and unknown elements of the casino.

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Everyone has the chance to win a prize and you don’t have to favour one guest over another. Success is down to their skill at the casino games – and Lady Luck!

Fun Casinos for charity fund-raising work in exactly the same way, except guests pay a nominal sum for each chip and that money goes straight to the charity of your choice.

Naturally, all our events are run strictly within the law. Your event will not need any special licence.