Casino Stud Poker is a new, enjoyable alternative to the established casino game. It is based on five card stud poker and whether you’re an expert or know nothing at all about the normal game of poker, you’ll be playing Casino Stud Poker with style within minutes.

How to play poker

The game is easy to learn, and you’ve really only two decisions to make:-

1. How much shall I stake for my initial bet?

2. Is my hand good enough to raise?

Let’s see what this means in practice:

A standard deck of cards is used for this game. To play you simply place an initial bet in the box marked ‘ante’. Unlike Blackjack you are not permitted to play more than one hand.

When you and all the other players have placed an initial bet, the dealer will deal five cards to each player and five to himself. The last card of the dealer is placed face upwards and this will help you to make your next decision. This is because the dealer’s hand only qualifies if it contains an Ace and a King or better. Pick up your cards and review the prospects of beating the dealer.

If you decide to fold you lose your ante bet. Hopefully your hand will be good enough for you to wish to continue.

If you do want to gamble on your hand beating the dealer, place your cards face down in the ‘raise’ box and place a further bet of exactly double your ante bet on top of your cards

Next, the dealer discloses the remaining four cards of his hand. If he has not got Ace and King or better he pays out even money on the ante bet for all the hands still in play without disclosing the players’ hands

The raise bet is left untouched. If he has a qualifying hand he will disclose your hand and compare it with his own. If his hand is better you lose.

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